War Eagle Site

The 147.240 MHz FM repeater on War Eagle Mountain is solar and battery powered. The antenna is a 4-bay, folded dipole, phased array antenna. This equipment is pictured below. There is also an APRS digipeater at this location on 144.390 MHz. Because of its height and location, the 147.240 repeater is accessible from a wide area surrounding War Eagle Mountain including well into Oregon, Twin Falls, Idaho as well as much of the Magic Valley, and areas in Central Idaho.

The W7VOI packet digipeater on War Eagle has been in operation for several months now and is part of a AX.25 network on 145.010 that extends from Oregon thru southern Idaho and into Wyoming.  Winlink email gateways, PBBS and KA nodes are open to everyone and are available for amateur use.

This is the only site where we have a no-charge, long-term lease for the building, tower, and propane tanks shown above. This lease is with the Bureau of Land Management.

Equipment at the War Eagle Site.