Shafer Butte Site

Shafer Butte Repeater Site

Located approximately 7500 feet above sea level, and approximately 20 miles northeast of Boise, Shafer Butte is one of our best repeater sites!

The Voice Of Idaho operates four repeaters and one APRS digipeater on Shafer Butte. Two of those repeaters are Analog FM repeaters while the other two repeaters are DSTAR digital repeaters.

The Voice Of Idaho would like to give a special thanks to CTC for allowing us to use their wireless internet services for our DSTAR equipment!

Analog FM repeaters

Frequency: 146.840 MHz
Offset: -0.6MHz
CTCSS tone: 100Hz input(required)

Frequency: 444.900 MHz
Offset: +5.0 MHz
CTCSS tone: 100Hz input(required)

DSTAR digital repeater

Frequency: 444.350 MHz
Offset: +5.0 MHz

This repeater is connected to the internet. Linking to reflectors is possible.

Yaesu System Fusion digital repeater

Frequency: 145.500 MHz

Offset: -0.6MHz

This repeater is connected to the internet via the WIRES-X VOIP network.

Our repeaters on Shafer butte can be accessed from anywhere in the Treasure Valley that has line of sight to Shafer Butte. Reliable coverage from these repeaters is not guaranteed outside the Treasure Valley.

Left: Several colinear folded di-pole arrays are located at the site. These are used to support our DSTAR digital repeater and our Yaesu System Fusion digital repeater.

Analog FM repeater linking:

A unique feature of our repeater network is that some of our repeaters can be “linked” together. In other words, certain VOI repeaters can relay what they hear to other VOI repeaters in order to be re-transmitted. The benefit of this feature is that the coverage area of the repeaters involved in the repeater link can be combined, allowing for traffic to effectively reach it’s destination(or destinations). A use case where repeater linking would be a useful resource is during incidents where a net control station in one county needs to be able to effectively communicate with stations in another county(or counties).

Analog FM repeater linking commands:

Using our repeater linking capabilities is quick and easy! Simply follow the instructions listed below and you’ll have no trouble at all!
To link to other VOI repeaters, follow this method:
Transmit the frequency abbreviation of the repeater you’re currently tuned to, then enter the frequency abbreviation of the repeater you wish to link to and enter the number one.

Your radio is currently tuned to our 146.840 MHz repeater on Shafer Butte and you want to link the 146.840 repeater to our 146.620 MHz repeater on Snowbank mountain.

To accomplish this you would first key up your radio(press the PTT button), then transmit the command listed below using the DTMF keypad on your transceiver.


To disable the repeater link you would follow the same process as listed above but this time transmit:


Notice that the commands both start with the abbreviation of the repeater’s frequency(in the case of the 146.840 repeater, it’s abbreviation is simply “84” and the 146.620’s abbreviation is simply “62”) and end with either a 1 or a 0(the number one indicates that you wish to enable the repeater link and the number zero indicates that you wish to disable the repeater link).

Shafer-Squaw Experimental Linking System Info

The Shafer Butte 146.840 MHz repeater is currently linked to the Squaw Butte 146.700 MHz repeater via a experimental repeater linking system. At this time, regular users(i.e users of the VOI repeaters that are not apart of the VOI technical committee team) are not permitted to control(i.e enable or disable) the link.