Presentation Recordings

11/9/2022.  Controlled Envelope Single-Sideband by Dave Hershberger, W9GR.  Link

10/12/2022.  The Storied History of the Ham Radio Call Sign by Mike Ritz, W7VO.  Link.

9/14/2022. Batteries by Ryan Barr of Micron. Link

7/13/2022. The Titanic and Technology of Early Radio by Professor Fred Archibald, VE1FA. Link

6/8/2022.  History of SSB by Nick Tusa, K5EF. Link

2/9/2022.  The Ionosphere, Sunspots, and Solar Cycle 25 by Dr. Mike Dunlap, K7MYU. Link

10/13/2021.  Near Vertical Incident Shy Wave by John Kernkamp, WB4YJT.  Link

9/8/2021.  Radio Frequency Noise by Mike Ritz, W7VO ARRL Pacific Northwest Division Director.  Link

6/9/2021.  Solar Powered Station by Tony Baca WV7I.  Link

5/12/2021.  The Spectrum Analyzer by Brian Burns.  Link

4/14/2021.  Repeater Best Practices by Tom Oswald, KD7VZW.  Link

3/10/2021.  ARESLAX Exercises With First Responders by Terry Hall K6MA.  Link

2/10/2021.  Recording Weather Images with Simple Equipment by Dr. Paul Verhage  Link

7/8/2020.  Understanding the Sun by Dr. Mike Dunlap, K7MYU. Link

9/9/2020.  Program BaoFeng Radios by Dan Woodall and Tom Oswald. Link

8/12/2020.  Go Kits by Don Lynn. Link

6/10/2020.  Fusion Digital Radio by Rob Oates, K7OD. Link

5/13/2020.  Synthetic Aperture Radar by Bryan Burns, WA5VAH. Link

10/14/2020.  Rescuing a Ham Radio Club (Things to do to get acquainted with your fellow hams)                by Kelly Klaas, K7SU.  Link

10/28/2020.  War Eagle by Gordon Wilmoth, K7GBW.  Link

11/11/2020.  A Simulated EmComm Exercise by Tom Oswald,KD7VZW and Mike Dunlap, K7MYU.  Link

12/9/2020. Home Brew Satellite Tracking System by Gregg Myers W7GRM. Link