Ideas for additional Classes, Comments Welcome

Ideas for classes are most welcome, leave a comment, please.

Class for the public through Boise Schools evening program. This class might have some of the same content as the planned course for youth. See Planned Class, Comments Please.

Class or series of classes for Technician Class licensees and/or General Class preparation. A deeper dive into the content behind the Technician Class license. This might also be good preparation for the General Class examination as some technician topics are covered more deeply in the general exam.

What we need here are suggestions as to the topics of greatest interest. We would also like to know if there is general interest in preparation for the General Class examination.

Your comments are welcome.

Dr. Mike

Planned Class, Comments Please

This is the rough draft of a class for younger people. It has appeal for a broader audience, however. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Dr. Mike

VOI youth class outline Draft 1 2-24-2022
Created by: Alex Pellegrini, KJ7KIN

  1. Start with a brief(but interesting) history of amateur radio, ARRL, etc
  2. Transition to segment on what amateur radio can be used for and how it could benefit the students(I would mention some of the professions that rely on radios for regular activities. I.E Astronauts, construction workers, members of the US armed forces, etc)
    Typical things that elementary school students might want to be when they grow up. (Adjust these professions as needed for middle school students).
  3. Transition to talking about the goals of the class. Give them the readers digest.
  4. Give the students radios hand helds that may be familiar to them(“Walkie Talkies”, RC vehicles, etc) and then explain to them that they use radios everyday and don’t realize it(like their Ipad, Iphone, etc; explain a little bit about WiFi and what frequencies it operates on, etc). Have the students take the walkie talkies(or RC vehicles) outside and allow them time to become familiar with the radios. Demonstrate “propagation” on the VHF/UHF bands by showing them the meaning of “Line Of Sight” communications and how the lower you go in frequency, the farther your communications can go(maybe we demonstrate the range of 27MHz communications vs the range of 70cm, GMRS or FRS communications).
  5. Start to explain a little bit about electrical components. Drones, weather baloons, EMCOM, personal comunications, roboics, makerspace, geography, fun of talking around the world, making new friends, what will work when cell phones fail Steve, K5ATA, from the ARRL mentions that his materials are focused around High School students but that he has successfully taught the material to 6th grade students(and even lower grade levels than that). He says that the materials will work for elementary school students but that you have to rephrase some of the topics in order for them to understand it properly(i.e use the water pipe analogy for resistance and capacitance, etc).

Explain a little bit about how radios actually work. Explain how RF is generated and radiated. Explain how antennas are built and the calculations used to build them.
Perhaps end with a poll of how many people might want to get licensed.