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2022 VOI Board of Directors

President K7OD Rob Oates
Immediate Past President K7GBW Gordon Wilmoth
Vice President WA5VAH Bryan Burns
Executive Vice President K7MYU Dr. Mike Dunlap
Treasurer KI7IFC Dr. Bill Overton
Senior Director KF7LOH Josu Gambee
Junior Director KJ7SXY Marc Lehman
Communications W7LBD Larry Bickham
Membership Director KD7VZW Tom Oswald
Technical Director W6JVW Jay VanWormer
Secretary KJ7BHV Jane Perez
Public Affairs Officer KD7FDW Bill Vermette
Web Master N9SKI Jim Szatkowski


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• The highest elected and Chief Executive Officer of the Voice of Idaho ARC, Inc.
• Sets direction and oversees the operation, contracts, and contractual obligations
• Makes board appointments to fill non-elected club positions.

• Elected officer next in rank to the president
• Serves as president in the president's absence. • Responsible directly, through delegation or committee for the format and execution of the club ’s public outreach meetings
  o General Membership Meeting, Annual Picnic, and Field Day
  o ISC is not an included responsibility.

Immediate Past President:
• A constitutional officer of the corporation sitting on the Board
• For continuity of operations the former/prior president fills this position. • You are not elected to this position directly but were first elected to the office of president
• Provides guidance to the president and board and will usually be assigned to finish a carry-over assignment
• Oversees the annual VOI election process

• Elected to administer the financial assets and liabilities of the Voice of Idaho ARC, Inc. as directed by the Board of Directors.

Directors– at-Large:
• There are two “at large” elected directors on the board
• Each director is elected for a period of two years
  o For continuity purposes each term is staggered with one new director positon elected each year
• The incoming (Jr) Director is responsible for overseeing and scheduling the Thursday night general purpose net>

The term Senior (Sr) and Junior (Jr) is not used in the constitution. However we use these terms to identify which director position is being discussed, e.g. we always elect a new (junior) director annually. This person will become the senior director when we elect a new junior director.

Board Meeting Minutes - see Calendar!

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updated 12-18-19