Amateur Radio FCC Testing

Taking your amateur radio license exam is SUPER easy with the VOI Volunteer Examiner team!

We host our exam sessions every 1st saturday of each month at the Food 2 Store in Meridian.

The exam session begins at 10:30 AM. Arriving early to the exam site is recommended. You do have to RSVP and register for an exam slot. Simply email jamesski at to take your exam.

The address for Food 2 Store is: 521 East 3rd street, Meridian, Idaho, 83642

Before attending a real exam session, we recommend using the flashcards and practice exams on HamStudy

There are a few things that are required to be brought to the exam session. The required items are listed below, with a full list at:

  • A FRN (FCC Registration Number) is required for ALL amateur radio license exam applicants. Social Security Numbers are NO LONGER acceptable for FCC Form 605 purposes. No FRN, no exam. Exam Candidates are REQUIRED to register in the FCC CORES system and receive a FCC Registration Number (FRN) before exam day. Direct candidates to the FCC CORES User Account and Registration page:
  • Taking the exam costs $15.00. This $15.00 must be paid up front at the exam session in the form of either exact-change cash or a check.
  • We recommend printing out FCC form 605 from the ARRL website and filling it out or fill it out online and print it (added feature – it’s legible!) before you get to the exam session . We will have FCC form 605’s on hand at the exam; however, it would be nice if you could bring it with you to speed up the process. Ensure you have the latest ARRL version of the FCC Form 605 (year 2022 or later see the link below).

If you have ANY questions about the exam session process or to register for an exam, please contact Jim Szatkowski at: jamesski at gmail dot com. Again, an online VEC-605 form you can fill out and print is at

Other Exam opportunities

Not able to attend our exam sessions? No worries! There are other VE teams in and around the Treasure Valley available to give exams. Please contact one of the persons listed below about other exam opportunities (or see

American Legion Post 113 Amateur Radio Club

Contact name: Richard Dees

Contact callsign: W7BOI

Contact email: rjdees at

Southwest Idaho Amateur Radio Club VE team

Contact name: Kim Gross

Contact callsign: KI0E

Contact email: kgross at

Elmore County Amateur Radio Club VE team (Please call or email ahead to reserve a spot)

Contact name: Herb Rogow

Contact callsign: KF7GMV

Contact email: rogow2930 at

Contact phone number: 208-371-2428