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Notice 4/10/24:

Our 2 meter and 440 repeaters on Shafer are now functioning again. All nets normally conducted on the Shafer repeaters will be held again on the Shafer repeater (146.84 Mhz) beginning 4/11/24.

Upcoming Club events:

Amateur License Exam:

First Saturday of each month at 10:30 am (See https://voiceofidaho.org/calendar/)
Food 2 Store, 521 East 3rd street, Meridian, Idaho, 83642. An RSVP or registration is required. Contact jamesski at gmail.com. Amateur license exams begin promptly at 10:30 AM. More info at Get a License and Amateur Radio FCC Testing

Club Meeting:

The club meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM (See https://voiceofidaho.org/calendar/) Idaho Pizza Company, 405 E. Fairview, Meridian, ID.

The presentation for the meeting on April 10 will be on 3D printing. Mark Fledderjohann, KI7EZS, will focus on helping you understand what 3D printing is and if 3D printing is something that would be useful to you.  Topics covered will include:

What is 3D printing

What are the various types of 3D printing in the world today

FDM vs SLA printing for the hobbyist

What can you make, what are the benefits to using a 3D printer

What will the challenges be when printing

Optional 3D printing services

3D Printer filament

What will it cost to get started

The parts of a 3D printer

Shopping for a printer

Upgrades for your printer


This discussion is meant to be an overview and not an in-depth guide to 3D printing.  After the meeting you should have an idea if 3D printing at home is right for you, or if one of the alternatives we discuss is a better approach.  If you decide to get a printer, this discussion will help you get started in finding a printer that will work for you.  I’ve written a longer document that will be available to you through the club if you decide to dive in.  The document goes into greater technical depth and discussion than what can be discussed in the short time we have.  

Mark Fledderjohann has been working with 3D printers for about 4 years.  All of his experience is with FDM type printers.  Mark has printed thousands of objects including: holiday decorations, things for the home, things for tools and the shop, ham gear, puzzles, and more.  Mark has experimented with a range of printer filaments made of different plastics with various additives for a range of physical properties depending on what is needed.

Progressing from his first 3D printer, a Voxlab Aquilla printer, Mark purchase an Elegoo 2D and an Elegoo 2S printer.  Mark has heavily modified the Aquilla and the 2S printer to improve his results and to learn more about various hardware that is available in the market.  Both of the modified printers have direct drive extruders, aftermarket printheads, and aftermarket electronics, and aftermarket build plates.  Mark purchased the Elegoo 2D printer to play with a dual filament printer for times when multiple colors or a mix of materials is required/desired.

Annual Picnic Auction ‘Leftovers’

To see the list, go to: VOI Picnic Auction Left-overs