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Winter damage of the Shafer Antenna

WarEagle Site

Shafer Winter Damaged Antenna WarEagle Site Fall 2019

VOI Repeater Information

The Voice of Idaho Radio Club operates and maintains four analog repeaters, three D-Star repeaters, and two APRS digi-peaters. All of the analog repeaters use 100 Hz PL tone.

*  The 146.840 (-) and the 444.900 (+) analog repeaters are located on 7,580-foot Shafer Butte Northeast of Boise.

* The 145.500 (-) and 444.350 (+) Mhz are D-Star Digital repeaters located on 7,580 Shafer Butte Northeast of Boise.

* The 146.620 (-) Mhz analog repeater is located on 8,322-foot Snowbank Mountain, west of Cascade.

* The 145.29 (-) Mhz analog repeater is located in the Treasure Valley near the Boise airport, at an elevation of about 2800 feet.

* Another D-Star repeater on 444.800 (+) is located near Jerome, Idaho

* APRS digi-peaters on the national frequency of 144.390 Mhz are located on Shafer Butte and Snowbank Mountain.

* The Cinnabar repeater site is being replaced with neighboring hilltop called WarEagle. VOI obtained the donation recently and subsequently placed an APRS repeater on the site on 11-14-19

All VOI Club repeaters are open and may be used by everyone, although your financial support is most welcome and appreciated. It is expected that all users of VOI repeaters will adhere to the FCC rules for Amateur Radio operation.

*Use of the VOI Repeaters for Events*

VOI is pleased to support other groups conducting Public Service events. If you would like to use one (or more) of the VOI repeaters to support your event, please complete the VOI and either submit it to a VOI Club officer or email it to  at least 30 days in advance of the date of the activity (sooner is better). You will receive notification from the VOI Board of Directors as to the granting of your request. Note that club-sponsored nets and events will have priority, otherwise priority is based on a first come, first served basis. If there is a conflict, the VOI Board of Directors will try to work with the requesters to find a solution for shared use.

Repeater Linking is not available at this time.

Hints and help with repeater usage

Setup sheet Explanations

Ham Radio Setup Sheet for programing Radios (Cheat Sheet)


Sawtooth, Galena Summit, Wood River ARC
To dial phone patch, key 141 and the 7 digit number to open; 140 to disconnect. Long distance is restricted.
Baldy, Wood River ARC
To dial phone patch, key 141 and the 7 digit number to open; 140 to disconnect.

Notice: Not all frequencies may be active and in use. Frequencies may not be workable in all areas of the valley due to, but not limited to, weather, location, antenna type, radio power level, and other limiting factors. All frequencies listed herein and the users of these frequencies are subject to laws and regulations of the FCC. The author(s) and or publisher(s) do not make any guarantee or promise by publishing or posting this information. This information is for educational / Informative purposes only.

A larger list of Idaho repeaters at

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updated 9-10-19