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The Elmer Bureau is a service of the Voice of Idaho Amateur Radio Club. The Elmer Bureau exists to assist all hams in the local region with particular pride in offering services to VOI members. The Elmer Bureau is managed by a team led by the Vice President of VOI. The coordinating team has a minimum of one member from newly licensed hams, one member from hams transitioning to General class, one member from hams transitioning to Extra class, and one experienced ham.

Communication with the Elmer Bureau is by That e-mail goes directly to the VOI Membership Director. Messages to that email generate a response. A reply is made. If the particular need, or needs can be met, a ham registered with the bureau is dispatched. Upon completion, the dispatched ham makes a simple report back to the Elmer Bureau. If there are no immediately registered hams in the bureau files, the bureau will seek someone to meet the need. This might take some time. In extreme cases, the coordinating team will evaluate the issue. Hams are encouraged to register with the bureau and identify areas where they can assist. It is likely that an experienced ham moving into a new area of the hobby would be both an Elmer and a client. A good example is the experienced ham who is moving into digital radio or into DXing.

The coordinating team meets from time to time to guide the development of the bureau. Coordinating team members are encouraged to keep in touch with operations by volunteering for Elmer assignments.

To request help from an Elmer - click on email form below (it will send create an email for you to send upon your request).


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