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September 2019 Club Activities

The VOI September 2019 club meeting is over, but the good memories will linger. Between 5:00 and 7:00, 8 club members participated in the hands on build project of a ten foot power cable using Anderson power poles. The club president almost finished his on time, and will be taking a remedial session at the next opportunity. After the regular club business was completed, Tom Oswald KD7VZW presented a vignette about crimping coax connectors. This knowledge will come in handy at the October 9 club meeting pre-session project. Vice President Dr. Mike, K7MYU gave gave an overview of the club's Elmer Bureau. Following that, Bob Minton NU7L, of RJM Computers, and John Kernkamp, WB4YJT, of Ventenna Company, gave brief presentations on the products they offered to the ham radio community. What a valuable resource they are to the local ham radio community! They support us, and we show our appreciation by supporting them. Thanks very much, gentlemen! The meeting concluded with the regular prize drawing, as well as the drawing for the YAESU FT 70 DR/DE transceiver, won by Mike McLaughin W7IDO - congratulations, Mike!

updated 9-28-19